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Jeffrey Boschman

MASc Student

School of Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Applied Science, Faculty of Medicine

Jeffrey Boschman is a Master of Applied Science (MASc) student under the supervision of Dr. Ali Bashashati in the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Lab at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He previously received his Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering from UBC and worked in the biotech industry.

In his MASc research, Jeffrey is improving a deep learning model for ovarian cancer subtype diagnosis. Specifically, his work involves experimenting with various feature engineering techniques, such as novel approaches for normalizing the colour of digital pathology images. The goal is to develop a machine learning pipeline and train a model that is robust enough to be used on ovarian cancer pathology images from different centers, as there is often variability between pathology images from different hospitals/research centers that causes a problem for computer-aided diagnostic systems. A generalizable, machine learning-based strategy for properly diagnosing ovarian cancer subtypes can supplement pathologists and help patients get earlier and more effective treatment.

Jeffrey is also part of the Gynecologic Cancer Initiative Trainee Education Committee, mainly contributing to resources for patients/families to learn more about ovarian cancer and navigate scientific jargon. Outside of academia, he enjoys practicing calisthenics and cooking with his cast iron pan (dubbed Loonardo DiCastironio as it is has the likeness of a Canadian Loonie on the bottom).